Tuesday, April 11, 2006

JBoss & Redhat : live happily ever after

I am also really still having a hard time believing that Redhat bought JBoss. When I first read the announcement, I thought that it was some kind of belated April Fool's day joke.. after all the rumours that were out there about Oracle buying JBoss (which was really giving the the chills - I was almost seeing how after 6 months, Oracle decides not to release JBoss as open source and slap some $50,000 license on it).

Now that I've thought about it... what JBoss and Redhat did makes a LOT of sense. I mean that they really seem made for each other , similar business model, similar razor sharp focus on the customer (and a similar desire to sign you up for their subscriptions :-) ). On the other hand, it makes me wonder what will happen to former JBoss partners like Novell/SuSE.. Apparently, they compete directly with RedHat, and so the question is whether they will continue working with JBoss.. Also, in the past, IBM pushed/distributed RedHat with their own J2EE offerings... but now that Redhat has their own J2EE app server, will that continue to be so.

Also, in retrospect.. I remember reading some stuff about RedHat specific J2EE framework... and then I was really wondering "Why in the world are they trying to re-invent the wheel by creating a new J2EE (JEE) framework that nobody knows about". Well, I guess that "I'll invent my own RedHat framework" garbage shall stop...