Friday, April 07, 2006

Netbeans Community Chat

Check out the first NetBeans chat - a lot of good ideas of what needs to be done in Netbeans, as well as a good feel of the important people around the development. Lots of good ideas from the chat and I'll be looking forward to seeing them : e.g. setting up a centralized wiki for NetBeans, setting up some RSS feeds about new documentation and stuff, setting up a centralized spot with useful update centers, etc.

Reading through the chat makes me think about something.. I do believe NetBeans is superior to Eclipse - seriously, I've tried to set up Eclipse on a few occasions (e.g. JBossIDE), but after the first hour of trying to install everything I need, I just give up.. In NetBeans, everything just comes in integrated very nicely. However, one thing that I think Netbeans is behind Eclipse is tool support for various projects - e.g. xdoclet tag completion (although there is a pretty good shot at creating a module), better hibernate support, etc. I do think that one of the reasons that a lot of people go for Eclipse is that it just has a little tool that supports what they're currently doing..

Something else that is NetBeans related that I just remembered - I was really bummed out when I found out that Nokia has moved their IDE to Eclipse (with carbidej and I guess carbideC+).. I was really happy to just install their Nokia Developer Suite and have some extensions to my NetBeans install...