Monday, April 03, 2006

wait for another month for e61

Now, Mobilebee says there are 17 more days until the e61 become available. This kinda sucks, since this is the 2nd or 3rd delay in a row.. It says 17 days, but who knows whether there isn't going to be another delay after that. And even if they do release is then, it's gonna be a few days until the handsets become available to Mobilebee, and then another couple of days until they ship it to me... Of course it's not their fault, Nokia was supposed to release it in Q1.. In summary, life sucks today..

On a related note, I am reading a book about developing for Series 60.. The first time I read through the first couple of chapters, I have to say that many of the concepts in developing for Symbian were quite difficult to grasp.. I did suspect that I've been living in Java land for too long, becoming almost complacent cause Java is so great (no seriously)... So, a lot of the things in how things were done in C++ on Symbian were not very clear.. I put the book aside for a couple of days, dove into "Thinking in C++" (thanks Bruce Eckel"), and several days later re-emerged and started reading the Series 60 book again.. The difference is huge, and now pretty much everything makes sense and is much easier to follow... I've only read the first few chapters of the book, but all in all, I like it a lot (it doesn't try to oversimplify things).