Saturday, May 13, 2006

When will Shale release ?

It's just interesting... Shale is a pretty high profile apache project and it's probably more than a year old... Looking at the shale project site, the majority of the packages and pieces of shale are still not co sidered production quality with most of the api-s not considered stable. Now, looking st what shale has to offer, and considering my experience (and a partial disappointment) with jsf, i do believe that shale will be açcepted very well, because just like struts proper it will offer a bunch of useful abstractions and utilities on top of the standard that would make it useful and popular. So, here is the paradox: there are smart and experienced people who are working on the project, probably all of them see the usefullness of what shale could be.... And ýet, for such a long time, the project has not released a stable version. On one hand I understand that having ¨struts¨ in the of the project does bring a lot of responsibility and baggage and there might be a desire to get everything to be perfect or at least excellent when 1.0 is released. On the other hand, i understand that it is an open source project and it largely depends on volunteer contributions of time and effort ( and thus, instead of blogging i probably should be reading and writing code for shale). On the other hand, it seems to me that is doesn't have to be perfect for 1.0 - it just has to be goood enough in order to be useful to a lot of people and then with usage it will start to get exponentially better....

so, my question still is : why isn't there a struts shale 1.0 yet??