Tuesday, July 11, 2006

JavaPassion Web Services Programming Course

I will be enrolling and will try to follow this course: Web Services Programming . I am just totally amazed that such a resource is available for free - and, really, for me, that is the best way of learning. I've determined for myself that classroom learning is very inefficient for me : e.g. if the students are not carefully pre-selected to have skills/knowledge on the same level (which usually is not the case), the instructor just ends up spending 90% of the classes teaching to the lowest common denominator.. and in the end, I just end up being bored to death in the actual classes. So, I started looking around if there is a web services class somewhere online (e.g. there are supposed to be these online universities that offer all kinds a classes).. but guess what, nothing is available. There are a number of J2EE/Web services training courses, but you have to go to their training facility (big $$$) or they have to come to your company (bigger $$$). So, it doesn't work for me.. So, I couldn't find an online course that would offer the depth that I need... it's funny, cause I'm willing to pay (actually, through the company) a decent amount of money to get a decent course..

So, this is the best. I really probably should suggest to the instructor in the course.. I don't see why Sun shouldn't make a couple of bucks off of this... Maybe have some kind of "premium" subscribers that might get extra attention... Something like that...